'Alpha' Site
Get to work.

Fortune has given you the chance of your wildest dreams. An ancient and unmolested, as far as any can tell, city has been found. Scientists from all fields and from the world over have converged on this new discovery.

Finally, after the long and unbearable role that politics had to play, ownership has been determined and the city has been divided up and plots awarded. It was a close call but you and your team beat out your rivals for the first crack at the ‘Alpha’ site. The city is huge with plenty of discovery to go around but this site is the most intriguing.

Sure there are other sites with bigger and sprawling buildings. Places that appear to be markets or seats of government. Town centers and outlying fortifications. But this one is the most unique in all your years of work and study. Nestled against a forest of new growth on a hilltop behind the town it isn’t located in the center of the city but looks to have been used during the same period as the rest of the space.

You job is not only to reveal and explain the culture of the people but to find out what happened to them. How could such a city have been a secret for so long? Why haven’t there been any whispers in locally surrounding legends? What were the inhabitants like and where did they go?

You stand at the easiest part of this adventure. You are full of questions and can’t wait to dig up and in to the answers. Soon your veteran self will be reminded that every item you find brings with it more questions.

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