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The Plan

Using the Lexicon RPG rules as a starting point we are going to find, but actually build, a world and a culture buried within it.

Roleplay will be light but you can run with it as far as you want. We will be Anthropologists that have been tasked with studying a site. More and more of the hidden past of the culture and world will be revealed as we dig deeper and study all parts of the site. (a map will be provided in the map section)

This will primarily be a collaborative venture but I will be reserving a couple places and letters for suprises and some direction as a DM\GM. I have a situation/discovery planned that will give us an opportunity for some controversial/adversarial theories that will breed interplay between the player characters.

The Process

We will be filling up slots in the alphabet with entries and revealing a map concurrently. As such there will be a few changes and additions to the Lexicon rules.

  • The number of slots/entries per letter will be four (4) regardless of the number of players. The purpose is to keep the game from being to big or daunting. We have busy schedules and I want the illusion of progress to keep us motivated.
  • The map will have a top down view and a side view. Currently we can see ruins that protrude above the surface. The site, for gameplay reasons, will be 3 levels or layers deep. We do not need to excavate the entire first level before we move down to the second level. However, you cannot write an entry about a lower level until someone else has written an entry about the level directly above where you want to write about.
  • Individual sections on the map can have more than one alphabetical entry. There will be 104 slots on the alpha part of the game and 72 sections on the map. (24 per level)

Entry Format

Simply claim a letter slot, give the map coordinates, write your piece and then sign it. For example:

  1. Title the page with the word you are using to fill the slot.
  2. Then note A-2, a:4 lvl 1
  3. Post your article
  4. Sign the post with your name hyperlinked to your character page.

Home Page

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